Our History

Our company was founded in Colombia, operating since 2010 with the purpose of supplying the needs of the market in terms of high quality jeans at an affordable price.
After identifying the needs of the market and while selling a general-purpose brand, we saw the need to create an exclusive brand, with which women could identify themselves, feel free and comfortable.
The word ALIEN refers to being different and feel unique. We want to re-invent ourselves every day and revolutionize the world of denim fashion by being inspiration.
Products made for life. Denim over the years has positioned itself as a revolutionary garment that expresses freedom and equality for all.
We are an urban fashion jeans wear brand, we express freedom, comfort, youth. We create value propositions for our consumers with high quality garments and unique styles.
Our goal is to create garments that fit all people.
We want you to join our essence, denim is a complete, magical and inspirational universe full of energy.
Reinvent ourselves, believe and make it possible for us all to live in a better world. We want to do our bit to help the planet we live on.
That is our mission, to be ecologically sustainable with products that make a difference not only for their style but for the story that each design tells.